Class FAQ

What age are your classes for?

Classes are designed for adults. Occasionally arrangements can be made for older children to attend private workshops or open studio when accompanied by an adult. 

Do classes include Open Studio time?

Classes do not include open studio time. You may purchase open studio sessions for an additional fee. 

Can I make up a class session if I miss a day?

You have the option to book a complimentary open studio session in order to make up missed class time. Access to Open Studio is limited and depends on availability. 

Where do I sign up for Open Studio?

Can I bring in work I made at home?

Work made outside of class time can be fired for an additional fee.

How often do you fire?

The kiln is fired when there is enough work ready to fill it. This can range from every week to once a month.

Can I take HB1 a second time?

Yes! Taking HB1 a second time is a great way to keep practicing your skills. 

Can I take HB2 without taking HB1?

You are welcome to take HB2 if you've taken the equivalent of HB1 elsewhere. All classes are different, so please email me to discuss. 

Do you teach the wheel?

No. Pursuits Studio is a handbuilding only facility.